Mark his partner Lucy and myself took part in the Rome half marathon last Sunday, a gold label event. A very well organised race though a bit of a pain to enter, the Italians make their race entries a lot more difficult than we do. The expo before the race was really good and had a terrific atmosphere.
The race started at just after 9.00am on a very overcast day, although good running conditions. Lucy started in the elite athlete pen with Mark starting right behind in the pen for top runners, i was a little bit further down the road! The race started with around 3 kilometres around the suburbs before joining a dual carriageway, Cristo Columbo, 18 kilometres of dead straight Roman road. Whilst the Romans built straight roads they didn’t build them flat and this 18 kilometres was anything but flat, long steady climbs of 3 or 4 kilometres at a time sucking the life out of your legs. The race ended in the coastal town of Ostia which was a welcome sight after those climbs. Mark ran home in 1:18:54, Lucy at 1:19:53 and myself 2:10:10. 
A wonderful experience, great memories but not a race you would do twice.